We’re on a mission to create a more peaceful world one sweet boy at a time.

Connection is the only way to change behaviors for good. But you’ve got to do it right.

In this free 10-Day Reconnect, we share the common mistakes parents make when we’re desperate for change, and teach you what you really need to know to get your boy back on track. All in 15 minutes a day.

Parenting Boys Peacefully: A 10-Day Reconnect

Shift your boy’s behaviors through connection.

This whole experience starting with the reconnect has been life changing. I always come to this page/group when I need some clarity, some serenity, some humour (yes!) and lots of guidance and belief.

Setting Loving Limits

Learn to set effective limits with confidence.

This may sound silly, but I’m only just starting to see that holding limits and helping kids do hard things is a form of love. I used to think it was mean!
– H

Setting Limits is one of the most important gifts we can give our boys. Yet few of us know how to set them lovingly – or with success. Learn the who, what, where, when, why, and – most importantly, the how of setting clear, effective limits. Short, practical lessons.

You know you WANT to stop yelling and discipline without punishment, but it’s hard! The Playhouse will give you the strategy, the community, the accountability, and the mindset you need to finally succeed. Because when you thrive, he thrives.

Parenting Boys Peacefully: The Playhouse

The most welcoming, non-judgemental online community of parents from around the globe.

I hopped around from resource to resource until I somehow stumbled upon The Playhouse. And let me tell you, it’s the real deal and this community will change your life. Guaranteed.
– E

The Playhouse Mentorship Circle

Become the parent you long to be.

Taking stock and noticed (again) that yelling is waaaay down, calm responses are up, connection as a response tool is being used, and life feels more manageable.
– E

A small group of parents committed to doing our own emotional work so that we can parent more often in ways we feel proud. The Mentorship Circle includes everything in The Playhouse Community, plus a menu of three group listening support calls a week (come to whichever you’d like), and a private texting group for peer support.

You’ve tried consequences, reward charts, and even speaking to him calmly about what he can do when he gets upset, but your sweet boy’s aggression just doesn’t let up. And you’re worried. We’ve helped hundreds of families just like yours.

Out With Aggression

A step-by-step practice to stop your boy’s aggressive behavior and lift your parenting confidence.

This course has changed my life… Aggression is so minimal compared to what it was… I feel so much better with this parenting approach.

Creating Change: A personalized 1:1 coaching program

Me, all yours, for six weeks.

I have read lots of books and worked with several therapists, both with my son and on my own, and I can honestly say that working with Tosha was more impactful than all of these combined. I’m grateful.
– T

My personalized coaching package includes six one-hour-long coaching sessions, weekday email access to me for the duration of the program, and a copy of our book, Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges.