The Playhouse Mentorship Circle

An intimate community of parents of young boys committed to healing our own emotional wounds so we can love big, and ACTUALLY parent peacefully.

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For parents committed to doing deep emotional work in the most supportive and non-judgmental community on the planet!

If, in your mind, you’re committed to speaking to your sweet boy respectfully and disciplining with love, but in reality you’re losing your sh*t more often than you’d care to admit, we’ll help turn that right around.

I know you’re really struggling.

Frustrated and impatient.

Letting yourself down each time you lose it with your little guy.

You long to do this parenting thing without burning out your own insides because the
frustration is like a fire inside you.

You’re working hard to raise your family, keep the household running, maintain your own
identity, and the juggling act has worn you out.

It feels like everything and everyone is getting short changed.

This just isn’t the family life you imagined for yourself, and you feel like you’re to blame.

And how can you expect your little guy to behave when you’re acting out day after day?

In almost two decades of working with parents like you, I’ve learned that while good information is important, what will really get you to parenting peacefully is learning to become less triggered by your child’s behaviors.

And that’s you’ll learn in the Mentorship Circle.


Video Testimonials:

Are you moving in a positive direction?

If you’ve participated in my free 10-Day Reconnect, read my book, or watched my videos, you’ve likely had some real wins … And then quietly settled back into old ways.

Progress is slow when you’re going it alone. 

How about we pick up the pace and propel your family forward? Shall we? 

WHAT IF I told you that if you join us and commit to doing your own healing:

Your boy will thrive.

You’ll feel confident and proud of your parenting.

You’ll be able to focus your goals on some of those dreams you had before parenthood…


What if yelling was the occasional slip, rather than the norm?

What if your home was full of silliness and laughter?

What if you felt relaxed and happy with your boy, hopefuIl for his future?

What if for each parenting challenge you faced, several solutions popped into your head, and you actually had the where with all to implement them?

What if you knew what to do when your child refused to get dressed, insisted on a 25th bedtime story, demanded a third bowl of ice cream, hit his brother or sister, called you stupid, or refused to participate in his music class? And could actually do it!

What if you felt held by a community of parents who NEVER judged you, and ALWAYS offered support?

These things will all be true for you inside my Playhouse MENTORSHIP CIRCLE!


Tosha Schore, Author & Parenting Coach

Your Partner In Parenting

I want you to feel hopeful about your son’s ability to make good choices, solve conflicts peacefully, conquer his fears, and reach his full potential. I have lived in that place of worry and fear for my sons’ future, and it sucked! I made it my business to learn all I could about parenting, and to get the hell out of that hopeless place as quickly as possible. There’s nothing special about me. True, I’ve written a book, coached loads of parents, and shared my knowledge on many a podcast and on line summit, and in newspapers and magazines on line and off. But I don’t have any super powers. I just discovered some simple tools that allowed me to move my boys beyond their aggressive behaviors. And I felt so amazed by the process that I became a certified trainer of Hand in Hand Parenting and began helping other parents do the same. I now know that my boys are just fine, and if I can spread the message that boys are good, and that it is our responsibility to learn how to support them well, life for boys (and with boys) will be sooo much better. This knowledge has empowered me to teach parents what’s really going on with our boys, and how to meet them where thev are, hold hiqh standards for them, and hold them close as they make their way through their struggles. I look around me at the men I meet and I don’t see a lot of joy. Many seem to have fallen into jobs/careers/roles that others expected of them- either their families or cultures. Most do not make spending time with their families a priority- either because they’re carrying huge financial burdens, or they don’t know how to play, be still, be close, relax. Many are without networks of close friends, are lonely and unhappy, and use alcohol, drugs or porn to numb the pain, rather than express their feelings fully. I don’t want this future for my boys or yours. I read the newspaper and it’s full of men perpetuating all sorts of violence. I believe we can do better for our boys. That does not have to be their future. Knowledge is really power, and together we can harness that power and make real change in the lives of our boys, our families, and our world1 The future holds much beauty and goodness’ I hope you’ll join me on my journey to create a more peaceful world, one sweet boy at a time.

The Playhouse Mentorship Circle is for parents of young boys (2ish-13ish).

It’s for you if you …


• Want to stop yelling, shaming & threatening

• See that if you can change how you show up for your boy, his behaviors will improve too

• Are ready to identify your own triggers and work on them in partnership with other parents

• Sometimes feel ashamed of your parenting, and have a hunch that a supportive community will help lift your confidence



A menu of weekly support calls. Join whichever calls you’d like. (Current call times are Tuesday 9:00-10:00 PT, Tuesday 10:30-ll:30 PT, and Thursday 17:00-18:00 PT.) NOTE: Times very occasionally change with notice.

A private WhatsApp group to reach out to each other for emergency listening support.



• Discounted one-on-one coaching

Information, but not too much. I know you don’t have time to read stacks of books. Instead, you’ll find short audios or videos with bitesized bits of strategy (and some humor) you can try out – now.

• Accountability. Together, we will set goals, and do the work it takes to accomplish them. You will share them with the group, and we will follow up with you.

Community support. Stay in close touch with other parents with similar goals through our own private Facebook group. Here, you’ll find a safe space to ask questions and share what you’re learning and how you’re feeling. I foster a feeling of acceptance and hopefulness. There will be no critical comments allowed. Period.

• Personalized coaching. Enjoy a weekly AMA (Ask me anything).

• Expert guests. Each month I will invite a special guest to present to us in a live format (videoconference) on the monthly theme. You will have the opportunity to ask them questions as well. Every meeting will be recorded, so no worries if you can’t make the sessions live. Over time, we will cover food & health, technology & media use, sex education, money, school, supporting boys with special needs, redefining masculinity, parenting with a partner, self-care, play, sibling struggles, confronting racism, the spectrum of gender.

A good time! When times are tough, it’s easy to feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. I’m going to lift that feeling right off of you, and we’re going to have some good laughs!


THE MENTORSHIP CIRCLE is not a club for thousands of parents interested in peaceful parenting. It’s an intimate, committed community of parents like you who are ready to do your own emotional healing in order to become your boy’s best advocate and shift his negative behaviors through connection.


What’s the financial investment?

Low monthly payments equivalent to the cost of one therapy session OR pay yearly and get 2 months FREE.

Interested in joining the Mentorship Circle?

Got Questions?

 Ask me! I am here to help!