We’re on a mission to create a more peaceful world one sweet boy at a time.

You’re the perfect person to help your sweet boy!

Discipline doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your values. And you don’t have to spend these precious years stressed out about today, and scared for your boy’s future. You can learn to parent in a way that both helps your little guy thrive and feels good to you. I promise it’s possible.

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Stop the Aggression

Aggression can feel scary. And it doesn’t generally go away on its own. But we can stop it! Want Tosha’s personal help? Schedule a call now and let’s get strategic about your path to peace.
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Get Some Cooperation

More frustrating than asking something of that boy 100 times, only to have it not happen? Can’t think of much… Let’s try something different.
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Learn to Stay Calm

Sometimes it’s our own struggle to navigate parenting challenges peacefully that is wreaking havoc on the family. We can help.
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Hey there!

I’m Tosha, a parent coach, an author, a mom of three (big) sweet boys, and creator of all things Parenting Boys Peacefully. Looking for the how of peaceful parenting? We’ll get you caring for yourself, connecting with your boy deeply, setting limits lovingly, and playing wildly! All with the goal of lifting your confidence and helping your sweet boy, and your entire family, thrive.

You won’t find a smarter, more energetic parenting coach than Tosha Schore. And the skills she will teach you will stick with you throughout your parenting career.
– Patty Wipfler, Founder and Program Director, Hand In Hand Parenting

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What Others Are Saying

You are like a bridge between overwhelmed old parenting and confident new connected parenting! Thank you for supporting me and us so unconditionally!!

Peaceful Parent

Everyday I’m winning…and by winning, I mean connecting more, playing more, listening more, surrendering more and celebrating more!!! It’s my best experience of motherhood and family ever!!

Peaceful Parent

Thank you for your amazing positive messages, your consistent way of making parents feel like normal humans for all that they experience, affirming what is good, and teaching such amazing, positive and effective parenting skills.

Peaceful Parent

It’s not about simply managing the moment. It’s about how to help your child heal, function better, and feel closer to you…The peace this (knowledge) brings, in the midst of what seems to be chaos, is invaluable.

Peaceful Parent

Working with Tosha has been nothing short of life altering. It’s just like magic… Everything shifts… And there are more smiles, and more play and more of everyone feeling good.

Peaceful Parent

Your combination of background in women’s studies and your skills with boys and men are revolutionary. You are now championing both sexes and leading us! So powerful. Greatest work on Earth. Earth changing!

Peaceful Parent