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I am an experienced public speaker and workshop leader.

I have been featured on podcasts and TV, and have run workshops for schools, businesses and parent groups virtually and across the US, Europe and The Middle East.

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Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
Davidson Institute
Institute of Child Psychology
Happily Family
A Fine Parent
Raising Your Strongwilled Child
Shameproof Parenting
Mindful Mama Podcast
The Dr. Vibe Show
The Parenting Junkie
Parent Footprint
The Art of Parenting
Fresh Family Start

Tosha Schore is on a mission to create a more peaceful world, one sweet boy at a time by supporting you to care for yourself, connect with your boy deeply, set limits lovingly, and play wildly!

She brings a burst of energy and optimism to parenting, and is an expert at simple solutions to what feel like overwhelmingly complicated problems.

Through her online community and courses, Tosha helps break the isolation of modern parenting and lifts your confidence so you’re better equipped to face the challenges of raising young boys.

Tosha is the creator of all things Parenting Boys Peacefully, including her 10-Day Reconnect, an online group experience shared by over 15,000 parents worldwide. She is also co-author of Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Challenges, a trainer of Hand in Hand Parenting, and a frequent guest expert on podcasts and online and in-person conferences.

Oh! And if it makes you feel better, Tosha’s got some letters after her name…She holds a BA in Women’s Studies & Language Studies from UCSC, an MA in Applied Linguistics and a certificate in TESOL from UCLA, and is a certified trainer of instructors in Hand in Hand Parenting.

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  1. Tosha Schore Interview 1:02:50
  1. ON BOYS Podcast 37:24

Most Requested Topics


What peaceful parenting really looks like & how you can make it work for your family.


Simple tools to stop aggressive behaviors & lift your parenting confidence.


Creating a more peaceful world by changing the way we parent our boys.

What Parents Are Saying

Attending this workshop with Tosha was one of the most valuable steps I’ve taken to becoming a better parent…Tosha delivers the message with clarity, heart, authenticity… Watching her model how to interact with children using these tools was the greatest gift and will stay with me for a long time, helping me to bring greater love, compassion, and skill to my interactions with my children.

– Shannon

The Out with Aggression workshop was a powerful dive into the processes behind aggression in children and ourselves. A small, intimate and safe group made it possible to dive openly into your own experience. It was a wonderful experience, informative, fun, safe, thought provoking with practical take home advice.

– Mum of a 5 year old

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