We’re on a mission to create a more peaceful world one sweet boy at a time.

Connection is the only way to change behaviors for good. But you’ve got to do it right.

In this free 10-Day Reconnect, we share the common mistakes parents make when we’re desperate for change, and teach you what you really need to know to get your boy back on track. All in 15 minutes a day.

We believe that parenting success comes from doing away with what isn’t working and continuing to experiment with strategies that might. Through short weekly(ish) videos, we strive to help you discover peaceful ways to support your sweet boy to grow into his best unique self. And don’t worry, we keep ‘em short and sweet.

Co-authored with my mentor, Patty Wipfler, Listen introduces parents to five simple, practical skills even the most harried parent can use. These tools will help you strengthen your connection with your child and help build your child’s intelligence, cooperation, and ability to learn as they grow. The book delivers detailed information accompanied by more than one hundred real-life stories from parents who’ve used this approach to address the root causes of their child’s difficult behaviors.

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